By Dana R.-A., Mitra T., Le Van C.

The matter of effective or optimum allocation of assets is a primary trouble of financial research. the idea of optimum monetary development should be seen as a side of this relevant topic, which emphasizes ordinarily the problems coming up within the allocation of assets over an unlimited time horizon, and specifically the consumption-investment choice technique in versions within which there isn't any average ''terminal date''. This extensive scope of ''optimal development theory'' is one that has advanced through the years, as economists have chanced on new interpretations of its crucial effects, in addition to new functions of its uncomplicated methods.The instruction manual on optimum development presents surveys of vital result of the idea of optimum progress, in addition to the concepts of dynamic optimization conception on which they're dependent. Armed with the consequences and strategies of this thought, a researcher may be in an beneficial place to use those flexible equipment of research to new matters within the region of dynamic economics.

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T , and kt = k s , for t > T , where T is the first period such that f T +1 (k0 ) ≥ k s , is optimal from k0 . Proof of the claim Take another feasible path k ∈ Π(k0 ). Take some integer N > T . Let N N β t F (kt , kt+1 ) − ∆N = t=0 β t F (kt , kt+1 ). t=0 By concavity of F , we get ∆N ≥ (βf (k1 ) − 1)(k1 − k1 ) + ... + β T −1 (βf (kT ) − 1)(kT − kT ) + β T (βf (k s ) − 1)(k s − kT +1 ) + ... + β N −1 (βf (k s ) − 1)(k s − kN ) − β N (k s − kN +1 ). Since, by the definition of T , we have kt = f t (k0 ) < k s , ∀t ≤ T and hence, f (kt ) > f (k s ) = β1 , ∀t ≤ T .

Then for every x0 ∈ X, for every x ∈ Π(x0 ), +∞ the sum t=0 β t F (xt , xt+1 ) exists and is finite-valued. Moreover, there exist D > 0 such that: +∞ β t |F (xt , xt+1 )| ≤ Bc1 t=0 x0 + D, ∀x ∈ Π(x0 ). 3) Proof. (i) For t = 0, the claim is obviously true. Proceed by induction to obtain the result for t > 0. 1), we have for t ≥ 0 |F (xt , xt+1 )| ≤ A + Bγ + B(1 + γ)γ (1 + γ + ... + γ t−1 ) + B(1 + γ)γ t x0 . Let c1 = max{(1 + γ)γ , (1 + γ)} and c2 = A + Bγ , then c1 > 0 and : |F (xt , xt+1 )| ≤ Bc1 (γ t x0 + γ (1 + γ + γ 2 + ...

Hence V (β , x) is continuous in I × X. Since G(β, x0 ) = argmaxy∈Γ (x0 ) {F (x0 , y) + βV (β, y)}, G is an upper semi-continuous correspondence by the Maximum Theorem. 6. The Value function V is continuous with respect to (β, x) in [0, 1[×X. The optimal correspondence G is upper semi-continuous with respect to (β, x) ∈ I × X. ). , if y1 ∈ Γ (x1 ), y2 ∈ Γ (x2 ), λ ∈ [0, 1], then λy1 + (1 − λ)y2 ∈ Γ (λx1 + (1 − λ)x2 )). The following Lemma shows that H1 and H’2 imply H2. 4. Assume H1 and H’ 2. Then there exist γ > 0 and γ ≥ 0 such that: y ∈ Γ (x) =⇒ y ≤ γ + γ x .

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